Hi there.  My name is Maggie.  I am continuously cultivating my life-long love of writing, reading and general wordiness.  I am from Ohio but now live in Texas with my partner, Todd (m. 10/31/2019), and our Border Collie, Willa.


Me, March 2018.


The Straight Facts:

  1. I work FT as Todd’s legal assistant. He is primarily a criminal defense attorney,b ut he also works some CPS cases. He stays busy. I stay busy. I have been working for him, FT, for a year and all is well.
  2. I am a FT grad. student at Angelo State in the MS Counseling Psych. program. I hope/plan to graduate in May 2021. I am in the “home stretch,” which is simultaneously frightening and exciting.
  3. I plan to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) after I graduate, which will – hopefully – include specialized training for Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Provider (LSOTP) status.
  4. I am a proud, card-carrying Introvert (I don’t really have a card).
  5. I want to get more piercings and another tattoo.
  6. I love to read, but I do not read enough.
  7. During the COVID-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home situation, I took up cross stitching because I was having significant difficulty focusing when I tried to read. This made completing Spring Semester 2020 difficult, because grad. school demands a lot of reading. Cross stitching has been helpful to and good for me. I enjoy it, and I find it meditative. Who knew I’d ever enjoy a task that required so much concern for numbers and counting?
  8. I read a lot about serial killers, sex offenders, sex crimes, criminal thinking, murder.  I also like to read psychological thrillers, general fiction and comedy.  Christopher Moore is my favorite author.
  9. Atticus Finch and Hannibal Lecter are my favorite fictional characters.
  10. I like horror films and comedies.  To be fair, I will watch almost anything and have been pleasantly surprised by some films I initially resisted, such as Interstellar and Saturday Night Fever.
  11. I do not believe that any victory is too small to be celebrated
    1. Made it to work on time?  Way to go!
    2.  Made it to the gym after work?  You are unstoppable!
    3. Folded and put away all the laundry?  Hi-5!
    4. Finished a blog post and posted it to be shared with the public?  Watch out, world!
  12. I like music.  Cold War Kids is my favorite band.  I mostly like rock music.  My taste is varied, but not anything to write home about. My newest favorite is Briston Maroney. I learned about him when he opened for CWK in October 2019.
  13. One of my biggest pet peeves is when a person states that s/he is weird/mysterious/unusual/different/difficult to understand/etc.  Whatever you are, those around you will figure it out in time.
  14. If/When I feel scared watching a movie, I will avert my eyes from the screen, look straight down or cover my eyes.  I want to watch the scary movie, but I don’t want to be startled.
  15. I believe that if I am ever brave enough to hand-feed a shark, I will be convinced that I can do anything (I have a curious love-hate relationship with sharks).
  16. I met Dr. Eric W. Hickey!
  17. I worry about criminal justice reform and want to find ways to be active and do what I can to help.
  18. Horton was right. “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”


Celebrity Crush: Jason Bateman.

Favorite Podcast: The Last Podcast on The Left; WTF with Marc Maron.

Desert Island Foods: Honeycrisp Apples, PB&J Sammiches, breakfast foods.

To Be Watched: ; Call Me Lucky; Experimenter; Attacking the Devil; A Girl Like Her; No Country For Old Men; ; The Confessions of Thomas Quick; The Witness; Boyhood; Colonia; Frailty; Tower; Audrie & Daisy; The Hunting Ground; Lost for Life; Night Will Fall; The Confession Tapes; Wormwood; Ozark; Creep 2; Silent Hill; Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution; Dr. Feelgood; Let There Be Light; 6 Souls; Who Took Johnny; The End of The Fucking World, American Meth; Deep Web; 11.22.63; Free to Run; The Path; Unsolved Mysteries; The Empowerment Project, etc..


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