Knowledge is power (?)

I decided to write


So, I log into the wordpress site to check things out; maybe write a little something.  I see that I have 2 “drafts” that were never “published.”  I don’t remember writing something and not publishing it or at least deciding it was trash that needed to be deleted this instant.  I open the first draft and it’s the 4 words you see above.  And, obviously, I didn’t.  I have no idea when I wrote that or where I thought I would go with it.  And why is the title Knowledge is power?  It rings no bells. 

Something I want to practice here, there and everywhere in my life is authenticity.  Upon seeing this “draft,” I felt compelled to provide some explanation and post it.  A little Behind the Scenes of my process, I guess.  That’s right.  I am sharing with you a failed blog entry. 

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